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A Chief Executive for Whitehall must not answer to Sir Humphrey

Overshadowed in the ephemeral excitement of the reshuffle, a change at least as significant. It's been announced today that Sir Bob Kerslake is to step down as Head of the Civil Service, to be replaced by a Chief Executive "at the centre of government". The new CEO will "lead the next phase of work on Civil Service transformation and the Government’s efficiency and reform agenda".

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Old Whitehall cannot hold

James Forsyth's piece in today's Spectator is insightful about the growing political consensus that Whitehall needs a shake-up. It's often missed that the Cabinet Secretary, Sir Jeremy Heywood, and the Head of the Civil Service, Sir Bob Kerslake, have been supporting change. Notably, Kerslake co-signed the Government's Civil Service Reform Plan and its first year update with the Cabinet Office Minister, Francis Maude.

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