Since becoming an MP, Nick has worked closely with international development NGOs on the growing problem of tuberculosis, especially in developing countries. Most people think that TB is a disease of the past, but it killed 1.7 million people a year worldwide last year - more than any other infectious disease - and 10.4 million people fell ill with it. 30 million people have died from TB since 2000.


In 2006 Nick helped to form, and co-chairs, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Global TB, and in 2014 he launched the Global TB Caucus which he co-chairs with South Africa's Health Minister, initiating the Barcelona Declaration with a speech to the World Lung Conference.


This year is a an exceptionally important one in the fight against TB. In September, the United Nations  will convene a High Level Meeting on TB, the first time the disease has received this level of global attention. Nick's work is focused on ensuring that this event is a success and delivers a renewed effort in the battle to fight TB.

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