MP joins launch of Refill Arundel to reduce plastic waste

Arundel & South Downs MP Nick Herbert joined the launch of a new campaign to promote the use of refillable water bottles in Arundel at an event in the town on Saturday (19 January). 

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Refill Arundel is the latest project from Arundel Agenda 21, a campaign group formed in 1997 to address environment and community issues.  The group is a not-for-profit membership society promoting community-led projects in Arundel and the surrounding villages. 

The Refill Arundel initiative is part of the wider national Refill Project, an award-winning campaign to reduce plastic pollution.  In Arundel, it has already won the backing of many local businesses who have agreed to act as a refill point for people with reusable water bottles.   

The aim is to reduce the amount of single-use plastic waste by creating a network of local refill stations in the market town.  The Arundel businesses taking part will display a sticker in their window to identify them as a refill station and provide free tap water refills.  The Swan Hotel and The Kings Arms public house were amongst the first to sign up. 

Many more people are now choosing to carry a refillable water bottle as an environmentally friendly alternative to shop bought water.  The ‘Refill’ app for smartphones provides a mapped network of over 14,000 refill stations in the UK.  The app can also measure personal impact by noting the number of bottles saved from landfill and the related carbon reduction.

The Government’s new 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment commits to working to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste, with action at each stage of the product lifecycle.

Rita Godfrey, Leader of Refill Arundel, said: “Arundel Agenda 21 are very pleased to have the support from Nick on this project.  It was good to see him at the launch and to have the opportunity to talk with him about the campaign both nationally and locally.  Refill Arundel is gathering attention and support from local business who want to support the town in its commitment to reducing climate change.”

Mr Herbert said: “Well done to the Arundel Agenda 21 group for launching this initiative.  It is very encouraging to hear how many of Arundel’s businesses have signed up to be a refill station.

“The facts about single-use plastic water bottles are stark.  4 out of 5 single-use water bottles are not recycled but end up in landfill, incinerators or float out to sea.  UK tap water is tested to higher standards than bottled and costs less than 0.1p per litre, so there are many reasons to make the switch.” 



1.     Photograph: Nick Herbert with Rita Godfrey at the Refill Arundel launch. Photograph credit Arundel Agenda 21.


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