MP meets Steyning green campaigners

Arundel & South Downs MP Nick Herbert met members of Steyning's 10:10 Climate Action Group on Friday (20 January) to discuss national and local environmental issues.

The Steyning group was initially set up as part of a nationwide campaign to help tackle climate change by working to achieve a 10 per cent cut in carbon emissions by promoting a number of measures such as solar energy, improved home insulation and locally sourced goods.


In 2010 the group launched a ‘Greening Campaign' to encourage the local community to thinking about what it can do, and take action together.  It is aimed at residents of Steyning, Bramber, Upper Beeding and the surrounding area.  There are also Greening Campaigns in Storrington, Walberton, Thakeham, Arundel, Henfield and Horsham.


Over 300 households supported the first phase of the campaign, in which people pledged to do things like use less water, use low energy light bulbs and walk for short journeys.


The Greening Campaign was the brainchild of Petersfield resident Terena Plowright and has now been taken up by more than 200 communities across England.


Members of the Steyning group had the opportunity to discuss environmental issues with Mr Herbert and how the Government's green agenda is being taken forward. 


The MP talked about the 'Green Deal', under which households will be able to apply for energy efficiency improvements without funding the upfront cost.  There was also a lively debate about sustainable development and economic growth.


Speaking following the meeting with Mr Herbert, group co-ordinator, Geoff Barnard said: "The local Greening Campaign has achieved a lot in its first year and we're keen to build in this success.  There is strong connection between local action and government policy, so it is great to have an open line of communication with our MP."


Nick Herbert commented: "I like the philosophy of the Greening Campaign because it's all about voluntary action in the community and encouraging people to do the right thing.  There are local groups springing up across West Sussex, including a number in my constituency.


"I attended the Steyning group's launch and it was good to catch up with them and find out how they are getting on, as well as debate policy.  We had a good discussion  about how people can be persuaded that action on climate change is necessary."


Mr Herbert added: "Sometimes the potential impact of climate change can seem remote to people, but issues like water shortages, flood risk and what we do with waste are very relevant locally."




Notes for Editors


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2.    For more information about the national Greening Campaign, see their website:


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