Minister explains reforms to policing

Policing and Criminal Justice Minister Nick Herbert has written to  officers across England and Wales ahead of the Police Federation march  in London to set out the government's agenda for policing.

He outlines the government's support for police officers and sets out  plans for the creation of a Police Professional Body to ensure that  officers have the right skills and training for the future. He also  reminds officers of the work the Government has done to end centralised  targets, cut bureaucracy and restore discretion.


On changes to pay and conditions, he states that it is right  in principle to reward officers for the job they do and the skills they  have rather than time served. But he emphasises that the government will  take great care to ensure that police officers are fairly treated.


Mr Herbert said: 'As a service spending some £14 billion a  year it is right for the police to make their contribution to reducing  the record budget deficit. 


'Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary has set out that  forces can make savings of over £1 billion a year while maintaining the  service to the public. The two-year pay freeze and better procurement  will help to make further savings.


'Existing police pay and conditions were designed more than  30 years ago which is why we asked Tom Winsor to carry out his  independent review based on the principle that pay should reflect an  officer's job, skills and hard work, rather than simply time  served. These changes are currently subject to formal negotiations.


'The pay freeze and pension changes are applying across the  public sector, but we will continue to ensure that police officers are  rewarded for the exceptional job they do.'


See the full copy of the letter here.

Alexander BlackPolice