Duncton School present letters to their MP

Duncton C of E Junior School pupils met their MP, Nick Herbert, on  Friday (2 December) in Petworth to speak to him about climate change.

Rosie Cordery and Adam Boult, accompanied by their class teacher Mr Garnham, met Mr Herbert at his surgery in Petworth.  They wanted to raise their concerns about the changing climate and to present letters that their class has written on the matter.

The schoolchildren demonstrated their broad knowledge on the subject following a series of lessons supported by environmentalist, and friend of the school, Nicola Peel.  They have been learning about the effects of climate change globally, and what they can all do at home to slow down the changes.


Mr Herbert listened to Rosie and Adam as they spoke to him about how they have learned about taking simple steps such as saving water, changing lightbulbs to energy efficient ones and exploring the uses of alternative energy from renewable resources.  They also asked him more about the government's position on subsidising and rewarding homeowners who install solar panels.


After their in depth discussion, the MP was presented with a collection of letters written by the pupils of Year 6 which highlighted their concerns for the planet.  Mr Herbert promised to read them all and to respond to the class about the matters raised.


Adam and Rosie summarised their meeting with Mr. Herbert back in the classroom. They stated that 'he was very friendly and easy to talk with,' and that 'he really listened to the points we wanted to make.' They were impressed with the ways in which Mr. Herbert was 'doing all he can' to help the environment himself.


Nick Herbert commented, "I was incredibly impressed with Adam and Rosie's knowledge and understanding of the issues, and we had a really good discussion about protecting the environment.  I'm looking forward to visiting Duncton C of E school early next year, and in the meantime I have a lot of letters from the school children to reply to!"