Sussex Conservatives take remain campaign to the streets

Arundel & South Downs MP Nick Herbert joined local pro-EU campaigners in the South Downs on Saturday (14 May) as they took their case to the streets.

160517 Remain campaign in Storrington.jpg


Volunteers from Sussex Conservatives IN set up a street stall in the centre of Storrington where they handed out information to passers-by. 

The street stall was the first of a number which will be held across Sussex in the run-up to the referendum in just five week time, on June 23.  

The campaigners' stall captured the attention of many residents, and the MP tweeted that he had “great discussions and response” from local people.  The team had a busy morning providing information and receiving pledges of support. 

Co-ordinator Michelle Taylor said: “This was a terrific first day for us, and it was great speaking to local people and hearing why so many are supporting remaining in the EU.  It was good to have Nick Herbert at the event as the local MP and as the national Chairman of Conservatives IN, who are campaigning to keep Britain in a reformed EU.  Many people valued the opportunity to speak to him in person.” 

Nick Herbert said: “It’s always good to meet local people and to hear their views on any issue, and while of course there are differing opinions on Europe which I respect, I was encouraged that so many people recognised the benefits of remaining in the EU. 

"I led the campaign to keep Britain out of the euro, but I argued then and still believe now that we have the best of both worlds by keeping our own currency while having the benefits of the single market. 

“Along with the majority of Conservative MPs, I believe that Britain will be stronger, safer and better off in the EU, and that the risks of leaving are too great.  You only have ask a local employer like Storrington based Tesla Engineering what they think to appreciate that investment and jobs depend on our full access to the world’s largest market."






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