MP: undermining neighbourhood plans "discredits localism"

Following Arun District Council’s approval of a housing development that contravened Angmering's Neighbourhood Plan, Arundel & South Downs MP Nick Herbert said: 

“I am dismayed that once again a village's neighbourhood plan which was approved overwhelmingly in a local referendum has been ignored. 

“The whole point of these plans was to give local communities control, allowing them to identify which areas should be developed and which protected.  It is intolerable that these democratically approved plans are repeatedly being undermined.  Such decisions risk further support for neighbourhood planning and they discredit localism. 

“I have already taken this matter up with the Planning Minister and will do so forcefully once again.  I will also shortly be moving amendments to the Neighbourhood Planning Bill to prevent this kind of thing happening in future.” 



   1.     Arun District Council Development Control Committee met on 2 November 2016 to consider applications, including A/131/16/OUT – Outline planning application with some matters reserved for 9 No. one & a half storey houses with garaging, including 3 No. affordable housing units. This is a Departure from the Development Plan, Land between New Place Bungalow & Arundel Road, Angmering. 

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