MP tells Midhurst Rother students: EU vote is about your future

“You are the future - this decision will affect your generation most of all”.  That was the message which Arundel & South Downs MP Nick Herbert gave students at Midhurst Rother College when he talked to them about the forthcoming referendum on the EU.

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Mr Herbert’s talk last month formed part of a series of lunchtime lectures organised by the students.  They wanted to understand the arguments for EU membership ahead of the referendum on 23 June.  Andrew Moncrieff spoke to the students earlier this year setting out the case for leaving the EU.

The MP, who is leading the "Conservatives IN” campaign, said that he believed Britain would be stronger, safer and better off in a reformed EU.  He said that businesses enjoyed the advantages of full access to the world’s largest market, and that there would be risks of leaving.  

Mr Herbert said that young people would be most affected by the decision, and hoped that the public would not vote to put at risk the jobs, opportunities and living standards of the next generation.

Mr Herbert gave the example of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in Chichester, who recently wrote to their staff emphasising the benefits to the company and employment of Britain being in the EU with its single market.

The students had the opportunity to question the MP after his talk.

Head Boy George Caws said: "I can speak for all students when I say that Mr Herbert's talk was very interesting. Raising points from a side of the argument that we have not heard before.  This allowed us to choose a side in the debate.  Personally, I feel we should stay in the EU. On top of that, he was kind and interesting to talk to." 

Nick Herbert said: “I was delighted to be invited by the students to speak to them about the issues in the forthcoming referendum.    It was a very topical discussion especially as a number of the pupils will be eligible to vote on 23 June.

“This is an incredibly important issue for the country and especially young people.  This is the generation which has so much to gain from Britain being part of the world’s largest market, and so much to lose if our economy suffers from leaving.  It is their futures that we should all be thinking about."



   1.     Photograph – Nick Herbert MP with (Left to right) George Caws, Head Boy at Midhurst Rother College, Ted Murray, Adam Carter, Nick, Lucy Keartland and Alice Buchanan.

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