MP pledges support for animal welfare

Arundel & South Downs MP Nick Herbert joined forces with local farmers at the House of Commons last week (31 October) to pledge support for animal welfare.

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Mr Herbert met Houghton-based dairy farmer Tim Lock who joined an RSPCA event to promote the importance of retaining high animal welfare and environmental standards in farming. 

The RSPCA believes that British farm production with the highest ethical standards will be central to post-Brexit success, and an opportunity to compete at the top end of the market. 

Tim Lock runs an RSPCA Assured Standard farm, selling his milk to Marks & Spencer.  The welfare standards he uses at his farm cover his cows for their entire lives and includes transportation, diet, environment and care.  Marks & Spencer is the first major retailer to source fresh milk from RSPCA Assured Farms which carries the logo. 

David Bowles, Head of Public Affairs at the RSPCA, said: “Our half a million supporters want a Brexit that delivers for farm animals.  Equally, farmers and producers on our RSPCA Assured scheme recognise that business success can be amplified by using enhanced animal welfare practices.  A better future for British farm animals is a better future for farming business.” 

Tim Lock said: “Dairy farmers that supply M&S are required to operate to very high standards of Health and Welfare.  Becoming RSPCA Assured recognises the work that we have done as a pool over the last 17 years to keep animal welfare at the forefront of how we produce our milk.” 

Nick Herbert said: “I welcomed the opportunity to meet Tim and hear about this initiative.  High animal welfare and environmental standards in farming are important in their own right, and they can also be an advantage in a new era for agriculture”. 



   1.     Photograph: Nick Herbert with Tim Lock.

   2.     To read more about the RSPCA Assured scheme see

   3.     The RSPCA Assured scheme was established in 1994 as a higher welfare farm assurance and food labelling scheme.  It is the only scheme in the UK that is dedicated to farm animal welfare.  Since its inception, 700 million cows, chickens, ducks, hens, pigs, sheep and turkeys have been covered by the scheme.

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