Local entrepreneur hits out at "anti business" Labour agenda

A leading local entrepreneur has spoken out against Ed Miliband's "anti business" stance, warning that a Labour government would damage Britain's economic recovery and investment in public services.

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Poynings resident Dean Richmond, 42, owner of Pets Corner, a prominent chain of pet stores, has come forward to support the Conservative Party's long term economic plan and endorse local parliamentary candidate, Nick Herbert.

Founded in Haywards Heath in 1968 and with its headquarters now in Crawley, Pets Corner UK Ltd is a retail store chain which specialises in pet supplies.  Dean Richmond bought the business, then made up of seven shops, from his parents in 1998, since when it has seen strong growth and now has annual turnover of over £50 million, employing over 650 staff in 95 stores, including one in Pulborough.

Mr Richmond has lent his support to the Conservative campaign by recording a 60-second video to convey his strength of feeling about the importance of maintaining the economic recovery and a pro-enterprise climate.  

In the video Mr Richmond says:

“I’m the owner of Pet’s Corner.  We’re a chain of pet stores in the South East of England.  We’ve grown in the last five years from 28 stores and about 300 staff to 95 stores and over 650 staff, and our staff in the last five years have seen a significant above inflation increase in their pay largely because of the improvement in our business performance, and that has been caused by the stable government we’ve had.  We’ve had low interest rates, we’ve had low taxes, and a business friendly government.

“I am genuinely fearful of a Labour government in the next five years.  They’ll bring instability, higher taxes, and Ed Miliband is clearly anti-business.  We need stable government, and we need a Conservative government to give me the stability to grow my business, to create jobs, to pay taxes, to pay for the services that the country needs.”

Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Arundel & South Downs Nick Herbert said: "Dean Richmond's message is being echoed by business owners I speak to across the constituency.  There's a strong feeling that the business friendly climate fostered under the Conservatives would be threatened by Labour.

"Under this Government there are over 2 million more private sector jobs and 760,000 more businesses.  We cannot afford to put this success at risk."




   1.    Dean Richmond's video can be watched here.

   2.    Photo: Dean Richmond and Nick Herbert at Poynings 

   3.    For more information about Pets Corner see http://www.petscorner.co.uk

Michelle Taylor