Sussex Parkinson's Disease campaigner takes message to MPs

West Sussex campaigners for people with Parkinson’s Disease took their message to MPs at Westminster last week.


Tim and Jeanne Burton of Angmering travelled to London for a Parliamentary reception last week where they met Arundel & South Downs MP Nick Herbert to discuss Mr Burton's experiences of living with Parkinson's.

Mr Burton, who is a member of the Worthing Branch of the Parkinson's Disease Society and Honorary Secretary of the Mid Sussex Branch, features in a new DVD which aims to help people who have just found out that they have Parkinson's.

The DVD was produced by the Parkinson's Disease Society, which organised the Parliamentary reception on Tuesday 17 April to coincide with Parkinson's Awareness Week (16-22 April).

Parkinson's disease, for which there is no known cure, currently affects more than 120,000 people in the UK, with approximately 10,000 people diagnosed with the progressive neurological condition each year.

A recent poll by Ipsos MORI has shown that eight out of ten people who are diagnosed with Parkinson's want advice or information from their doctor.  In contrast, a recent consultation of Parkinson's Disease Society members found that three in five people had received limited or no information at diagnosis.  This gap in the provision of information is leaving many people feeling isolated and unable to cope as well as they could with their Parkinson's.

Nick Herbert commented: "It was a pleasure to meet Tim and Jeanne and to understand more about Parkinson's Disease and the issues which confront those who have it.

"I learnt about the effect of the drugs, the impact of the disease on relationships and the importance of positive help and advice for people, especially when they are newly diagnosed with the disease, which understandably is a huge shock to them."

Tim Burton commented: "It's obviously a shock to be diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease but as I hope this DVD shows, it's not the end of the world - a full life can still be enjoyed."



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