Would you like to work for me?

I am looking to recruit key new staff to support my parliamentary and constituency activity.

Parliamentary Researcher

I am looking for a reliable, thorough, hard-working and personable individual to help support my parliamentary duties.

You will have excellent research and analytical skills and the ability to write well.  You will be required to work closely with my PA / caseworker to support our service for constituents and the smooth running of my parliamentary office.

You will be closely involved in parliamentary activity and will undertake research, provide briefings, advise on policy issues, help to draft correspondence and update my website.

Depending on the individual, this role could be combined with that of Constituency Researcher.

Constituency Researcher

I am looking for a bright, personable individual to manage my busy constituency activity, ie:

- Organise and attend my surgeries and village meetings and, crucially, manage the follow-up.

- Liaise with councillors, community groups and individuals to ensure that I take up local concerns and follow through on appropriate issues.

- Manage my local communications, including drafting news releases, organising constituency communications and updating my website to ensure that my work is fully publicised.

Ideally you will be based in or near the constituency and be able to work locally for at least some of the week, accompanying me on Fridays and Saturdays when I am holding surgeries and attending local meetings and events.  Depending on the individual, this could be a full or part-time position, and it could be combined with the role of Parliamentary Researcher based at Westminster.

You will be extremely well organised, with good communication and writing skills and the ability to empathise with people and community issues.  You will be a natural campaigner, with good political instincts, and will have the skills and enthusiasm to manage my website and develop new forms of e-campaigning and communication.

Above all you will share my commitment to represent the interests and concerns of the local community effectively and do the best possible job for constituents.  You will be a self-starter who is willing to put in the time, including attending local meetings which frequently take place in the evenings.

I am looking for someone who would value building a long term role in, and familiarity with, the constituency, not someone who would be likely to move on after a relatively short time.


These positions will be remunerated according to experience.

Please e-mail your application and CV to job@nickherbert.com  

Please do NOT e-mail me directly or telephone my office.

Applications will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Christopher N Howarth