Arundel bypass


Nick has long campaigned for an Arundel bypass to deliver relief from the congestion at the Crossbush section of the A27 and from rat-running of traffic through Downlands villages.   A bypass at Arundel was originally approved by the Government in 1986 but subsequently shelved by the Labour Government in 2003.  Fifteen year later the need for a solution is now ever-more urgent.  Nick has campaigned strongly for an Arundel bypass, winning the Government’s announcement of the scheme together with funding of up to £250 million in December 2014.  

Highways England consulted on three route options last year, and although Nick's preference was for Option 3 which followed the previously agreed pink/purple route, Option 5a has been announced by Highways England as the preferred route (11 May 2018).  Option 5a has received Nick's backing and will deliver an offline bypass from Crossbush, across the River Arun, to rejoin the A27 at Yapton Lane.

On 12 October 2018, Highways England announced a further period of consultation to review some of the modelling changes made to one section of the preferred route, and new data to back this up. As a result of new data being made available HE have followed process by starting a consultation on all three of the originally shortlisted routes.

The design of the preferred route will now go through a further period of technical work and consultation before being approved by the Secretary of State.  The building start date, initially scheduled for mid-2020, will be delayed slightly to allow for the additional consultation to be run and reviewed.  

More information on the proposed upgrade scheme can be found on the Highways England website, here

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