Nick's Week

On Monday and Tuesday, Nick chaired a conference at Wilton Park in his constituency entitled ‘Time to End TB’.  The event was convened by the Global TB Caucus, a group which he set up nearly three years ago and co-chairs with South Africa’s Health Minister.  It brought together UN and WHO officials, leading doctors, scientists and charities from around the world to discuss how to end tuberculosis, the world’s biggest killer of all infectious diseases which claims 1.8 million lives a year.

On Wednesday at the State Opening of Parliament the Queen set out the Government’s legislative programme for the coming session.  Nick has written about some aspects of the Queen’s Speech here: http://tinyurl.com/yageb9pa.

On Thursday Nick will hold his advice surgery for constituents in Storrington.

On Friday Nick will attend the Annual Lunch of the Arundel & South Downs Conservative Association at which Tom Tughendat MP will speak.  Later in the evening Nick will address a reception in Arundel.

On Saturday, Nick will attend the summer fete of St Nicholas' Church in Arundel, followed by the Grand Opening of the new Arun Vet Group in Westergate.

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"I pledge to work hard for everyone in the constituency, to stand up for local people, and to be a strong voice at Westminster for your concerns."